Sunday, April 11, 2010

Entry 15. DONE.

Well, it certainly took me long enough to get this bugger finished. I think all it took was getting my mind off other negative things- like what else I have due, the conducting exam tomorrow, my recital on friday, etc. etc. etc. Not that these things are negative- I'm just stressed and worried, and I think that took away from my ability to concentrate on composing this piece.

It's more or less exactly what I wrote in my last blog entry- klezmer mixed with indie folk/pop. Two strange genres for concert band...I think it would have been interesting to hear it played live, but I missed that opportunity and had I pushed myself to finish it in time for the MUN Wind Ensemble reading, I wouldn't have what I have now. It's actually a big surprise, seeing where it went- I had originally planned on having a klezmer dance suite which turned into klezmer music mixed with jazz, which turned into klezmer music mixed with indie pop/folk. And to think I'd been writing a symphony first. Ouf. Craziness.

But it's done. All the markings, dynamics and whatnot too. I'll probably go over it a few times tonight just to make sure I haven't left anything out, but does it ever feel good to be able to say that it's done!

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